• Greg Ellis

The picture - it lies!

The frown in this picture makes it look like I'm having a terrible time! I'm not - that's my non-digital-native-taking-a-selfie face. What is not to like about hanging out in the sun, listening to music and helping the Mary Potter Hospice raise money - all while munching on strawberries?!


So despite this face I had a great time. My favourite bit about this gig is trying to find as many different, slightly dubious reasons to make people buy strawberries and ice-cream. Because you can go the guilt route or the noble intentions route with a charity but it can get old pretty quick for an audience. So I extolled the negative calorific benefits of strawberries, did some over-inflated energy expenditure estimations for getting up and walking over to the strawberry stalls and invoked the power of collegial FOMO, among other tactics, to keep things fresh.

Almost as fresh as the strawberries.

#MC #Wellington

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