• Greg Ellis

Going international, again

Please excuse my absolutely demented selfie face! Seems I'm unable to photobomb something, take a selfie and look moderately composed at the same time.

Luckily most of the people behind don't look too traumatised.

I was fortunate to be involved in the Wellington region's welcome to our international students again and it's a nice thing to be part of. Several hundred students, ranging in age from primary to tertiary all came to the MFC for an official welcome, some competitions, a performance from Whitireia students and a chance to pick the brains of some International students who have been in Wellington for a bit.

It has a nice welcoming, vibe - which it should. I was involved to MC the formal bits again this year after being involved in 2016.

The surprise hit of the whole event was Justin Lester, Mayor of Wellington, who had to spend quite a long time to make his way through the queue of students wanting a selfie with him in his full mayoral regalia. In thinking about it though it could be quite unusual for some of these students from larger cities overseas to have a mayor who is this accessible.

I'm sure most of Justin's selfies were less demented and more in focus than mine.

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