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Both ends of the spectrum

Those 2 pictures reflect the extremes of my role as an MC. On the left I am loud-mouthed beaver boy of English haute cuisine Heston Bloominghell and to the right it's me being pleasant, hopefully witty and wearing a suit.

These pictures are both from the same gig for the IPENZ Transportation group, the smaller picture is also from the same conference where I also got to MC their Gala Dinner at Hobbiton as Gandalf.

It's what keeps things interesting for me. And, I hope, the audience. Especially since for some of these IPENZ folk it's been the 7th year in a row that they've seen me. The great thing about working with these folks and Glenda from Harding Consultants is that there's always fresh things to work with. In addition to doing the usual conference things I had to host a gameshow and give a live app demonstration.

That's not to mention the cool progressive dinner that Heston was part of. By going straight to one company in Hamilton who owned a bunch of bars and restaurants in close proximity Glenda was able to have a function where we mixed people up, moved them about by course and had a little activity to keep them busy and talking at each venue. Such a good way to kick off a conference!

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