• Greg Ellis

Funeral Directors - who would have thought?

You are not wrong in thinking that the Gandalf of "Lord of the Rings" fame didn't have quite this much hair. But some times more hair is more funny. The 50 or so Queensland Funeral Directors that we performed for certainly thought so.

When the words "funeral" and "directors" come to mind you don't get the impression of a hilarious good time but that's exactly what Richard Falkner and I had. These guys knew how to have a good time and were more than happy to have a good laugh at themselves. And in doing a whole improvised comedy show I don't think we actually mentioned a dead body once!

You never know what to expect from an audience for these type of shows. Although it's a pretty good bet that a bit of improv will go down well. That's because the audience steers the direction they want the show to go in and so we got lots of suggestions about things that are certainly struggles for all small business people - like compliance, neighbours and family members. With experienced performers at the wheel those suggestions make a show that's truly relevant - and fun.

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