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Rusty Buckets Rides Again

The observant amongst you will probably notice that this is Biggles and not someone called Rusty Buckets. Hard core readers of this blog (if such things exist) or hopeless Greg Ellis Creative completists will definitely be aware that this is not the guy featuring in this blog post from last year.

That's because, for the fun-loving folks from insurance AdviserNet, Rusty was joined at this year's conference by Biggles and another very dapper friend Mr. Arthur Deco.

Once again Rusty was the Sheriff for the conference and we collected plenty of fines to support another worthy cause. It's a concept I still love and can't highly recommend it enough.

I was also reminded of how cool Napier can be as a conference destination. It has been a few years since I was there last. But hanging out in the War Memorial Conference Centre is a pretty cool place to be for a day or tow. You get a great view of the ocean and then there's the waterfront to stroll along if the weather is fine.

It's also a great place to have team building exercises out of doors and Biggles, above, was part of one of those exercises. People were sent to me to get their photos taken as part of a scavenger hunt. I made them work for it! After all if I'm standing around for a couple of hours, largely by myself, dressed like that then when I am discovered people can put some effort in. So we had lots of variations on the theme of the human biplane and some humorous uses of the nearby Soundshell.

Not a bad way to pass an afternoon and not a bad place to have a conference!

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