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Guten Tag Invercargill

Every once in a while I forget to take a photo when I'm in character. This gig was one of those, I'm afraid. But if you look around the site you're bound to come across a pic of me in my lederhosen. In fact it was seeing me in those Lederhosen at another job that persuaded the folk at Nind Electrical that I'd be the right guy for their 40th birthday celebration.

So down to Invercargill I went as Guenther Nind, the long lost German cousin of the founders of Nind Electrical. My job was to mix and mingle with the guests to get them in the mood and then to help MC the formalities. With a black tie function you like this you find there are often quite a few first timers. And swanning around in tux and tie doesn't come naturally to everyone. I've worn a few tuxes in my time (not to mention a few ball-gowns) so I forget how weird and awkward they can make you feel. Having someone to lighten the mood and help people relax when there are lots of first timers can be the difference between the party starting or not. It's even better if you are ridiculously dressed, because no matter how weird people feel in a tux or a ball gown they don't feel like they look as weird as the guy in the lederhosen!

My other job at this function was to help look over the past 40 years of the company. We came up with a pretty cool way to do that. I got 6 or 7 photos fro the company's history and we put these up on screen. Then we got the bosses up and asked them for the stories behind the pics. there were some funny pics with even funnier stories and I was able to tease out links between them to give people a sense, not only of the funny things that had happened, but of the business' history over the last 40 years. The interview format is good because people don't have to prepare and I can control the story to make sure that we hit all the right points - as well as keeping to time.

Vielen dank Nind!

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