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Both sides of the cockpit door

Every year Z Energy holds their "Gathering of Heroes" which is an award show that recognises excellence from their front-line staff. I've done these in 2014 and 2015, but this time I wasn't Corrugated Iron Man. The awards were held at MOTAT and there was a bit of an airline theme so I started proceedings as an airline pilot - so far, so good.

But an awesome thing that sets the "Gathering of Heroes" apart from lots of other in-house awards is that it is equal measures recognition and fun. And the leaders of the business aren't exempt. In 2015 they appeared as my super-sidekicks and this year I also appeared later in the evening as the Flight Attendant sister of Mark Forsyth, Z's Head of Retail.

That's me and my "big brother".

I was reminded of a couple of things during the evening.

The first was that it is incredibly difficult to walk in heels unless you've been doing it for a long time! I bought some in my size from China - which is no mean feat because I have size 14 feet. And these ones came with a low(ish) heel. But I damn near broke my neck on several occasions - one just stepping away from the podium.

The other thing I was reminded of was how much admiration a people leader can get if he or she knows when to take themselves seriously and when to let their fun side show. People like Mark and Mike Bennetts, Z's CEO, have a great relationship with their staff and it's a real motiviating factor. I think I've observed this every time I do a function for Z but its definitely a reason I love doing them and why so many Z team members love attending.

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