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Taking on lawyers at their own game (almost)

Lawyers are supposed to be able to convince people of anything, right?

Well tonight Richard Falkner and I decided we would try some not-so-convincing convincing of our own. The event was a conference dinner for insurance lawyers. It's theme was James Bond.

For James Bond themed gigs going with Bond as your character is never a good idea. To start with he's the easiest to costume - put on a tux. For the second, he's the hero. As entertainment you shouldn't go as the hero - that's the guests' treat. So we went as R & S - the ill-fated assistants of Q, Bond's gadget guy. We were representing Her Majesty's Secret Service and had some thorny "hypothetical" insurance questions for the lawyers. Questions such as: "If, accidentally, a large space laser was to wipe out a small Indonesian island would Bond's 3rd party insurance cover the clean-up bill?"

These guys were ready to play.

The more preposterous 007 insurance conundrums we could come up with the more these people rose to the challenge. And let's be honest - when you really look hard at James Bond the guy is an insurer's nightmare!

People often ask me what it's like when a gig goes bad and people don't want to play. That's challenging but almost 30 years in the business teaches you tricks to deal with that. What really keeps seasoned pros, like richard and I, on our toes is an audience who really wants to play. Where every group you are mingling with has bright people who get the game you are playing, keen to be part of it and up to testing it to see who breaks.

It was fun night, were thinking on our feet constantly and having a ball.

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