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Far from a (Rocky) Horror Show

Traumatised by this?

You should be.

After almost 30 years of dressing up as hundreds and hundreds of characters I have never done Frank N Furter - until now. Achieving this look is no mean feat for a man of my stature - corset and shoes had to be ordered from overseas for the occasion but it was certainly worth it.

The client was Insurance AdviserNet. I've done quite a few jobs for the New Zealand part of the business, but this was my first outing for the Australians. And it was a really cool gig to be part of.

The theme was "IA's Got Talent." Yep, they did a talent show. I've been part of these before and they are usually moderate successes, good fun but a little lacking in something. I always suspected it was budget and now I've done an event where there was a generosity with the budget i know that's the case.

I'm not saying the IA staff that took part weren't talented - they were. But having a good budget for sound, lighting and costumes to support them meant they had an extra air of confidence about them, they were lifted to another level and they soared.

There's nothing like having a crowd entertain themselves. It's a really nice way to bring people together and make even a big event feel intimate - this is mates performing for mates. And with a great costume, decent lighting and really good sound it's mates, almost unrecognisable, performing for mates, showing off talents most people didn't realise their colleagues had.

Afterwards I spoke to the organisers. An event of this size would normally pour quite a bit into entertainment but they managed to save money by doing it in-house and everyone looked a million bucks. I reckon they got value for that money too - I haven't seen a crowd fizzing like that for ages.

And I got a really easy ride - I got to see some great acts, hassle the judges and play an iconic character for the first time. I'd really recommend this as a way of delivering a memorable night's entertainment as long as you know you've got some people in your midst who will step up AND you are prepared to spend a bit of money on the production values to support them.

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