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A meeting of two jobs

Nowadays you can find me doing a different sort of creative job during the day - I'm a Creative director for a Sales and Marketing agency called Stun. How I ended up there is another blog post in itself but it's a great way to fill in the day, continues the sorts of things I like doing for a living - research, learning new things, meeting interesting people and coming up with creative and cool ways to get their message across. That job still gives me the flexibility to pursue my projects for Greg Ellis Creative.

And sometimes both jobs cross over.

This year's Wellington Golds Award was one of those. I've done heaps of these shows over the years - always hosting the Wellington golds quiz that sits in the gaps in the evening. Each time I do that I'm a different character. This year's theme was Disruption.

That's why I'm in all black, in a polo neck.

I was playing a Steve Jobs-esque American tech guru who was previewing his latest "disruptive" app - Quizly. And I couched the Wellington Gold's Quiz as if it was a demonstration of that app.

I'm not a big fan of the term disruption, in fact I'd just finished creating a video for Stun about that. So I thought the whole thing was ripe for a big spoof. To do that I needed a high-tech Apple launch looking presentation of the Quiz. That's where the team of designers at Stun stepped in and created something that was visually amazing but still functioned like the perfect quiz.

It was the perfect way to combine the job I do by day and the one I do by night (and often by day as well).

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