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Change is as good as a holiday

This picture was taken just moments before I had a stupid idea. Certainly not my first. I thought that it might be good if all the kids in the picture, and their parents, pelted me with soft stress balls as a way to close my cross to the big screen. Stress balls aren't that soft when they are coming in large numbers at your head!

But that's what the Sevens has always been about, making silly choices. Silly choices of costume, silly choices of how to spend your time and silly choices about how you talk about the event afterwards. I had always been a fan f the event in Wellington. I didn't see behaviour there that wasn't present at a ODI and there was a lot of positive stuff going on around the ground and on the field right until the end.

But the end arrived and I think that it became less about what was going on at the event and more about bandwagon jumping. It became cool to distance yourself from dressed-up-like-a-pokemon-you-from-2009 by bagging the whole event. Then the media got stuck in and deemed it a dead duck in Wellington and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. From my perspective it was still a well-run event and I was sad to see it leave Wellington.

But here we are in Hamilton. It feels different as an event. The drunken hoons are still here, just out the back where they can't really outrage people. That meant the atmosphere inside the stadium was a little more subdued but only a little. Any time the Fijian fans show up there's plenty of energy to be found!

They were treated to some pretty good entertainment too - apart from the rugby. There was some amazing Freestyle Motorcross and my other highlight Alien Weaponry a truly awesome Kiwi metal band.

The results didn't quite go our way, though the Fijians in the crowd were delighted. But I had a great time - there was a sense of newness there, like the first few years of the tournament and a new crowd to play with. But I still miss working my home town stadium.

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