• Greg Ellis

Lip Slick

I think I'm trying to smoulder here. That expression is certainly not because I'm bored. In fact, I'm in the middle of a great night's entertainment for the folks at Insurance Advisernet. Not content to let their Australian cousins have all the glory in the performance stakes the Kiwi crew organised their own challenge. This time they divided all their team up into smaller teams and tasked them with coming up with a lip sync to a classic song featured on the show "Soul Train". But, continuing with the great work from across the ditch, they supported their teams with lots of great costumes, lighting and sound. It elevated a simple team challenge and made it something special and something that people felt confident to do.

This wasn't just chucking a few crappy wigs and sunglasses at each team - we're talking full on co-ordinated costumes, some hired and some purchased. It made for a really special night.

This is on top of my usual fund-raising sheriff's duties.

Can't wait to see what these guys come up with in 2019.

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