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You deserve the epic treatment

Here's me interviewing an award winner at the Redshift annual awards show. She looks a little worried. I hope, by the end of the next bit of our show, she wasn't worried any more.

That's because Jen O'Sullivan and I took the information I was gathering from her and turned it into a Shakespearean tribute to her.

There's Jen mid-tribute.

It's an old corporate improv trick but it still gets the same kick every time. The hero of the story gets something special. They become the actual hero of their own story. Unless they are enormously shy or humble its never the experience they dreaded before it began.

That's because a bit of experience and good improvisation training come to the party. I've talked about this a little before but good entertainment of this nature should make the audience the hero every time. That's also what improvisation teaches us. It's so much easier to improvise with someone else so you need to continually try to inspire them and make them look good. And when you make someone look good they felt great and it makes a new memory.

We hope we did that.

It was also easy at this gig. You might notice from the pictures that Redshift are using the word "family" - and that's what the vibe felt like in the room. That's why someone was running around putting big red lipstick prints on everyone (including Jen).

And that's why we had a fun night as MCs and entertainers for this evening!

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