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Les Bleus vs Kapa O Pango

It's always great having family in the crowd. That way they can snap pictures of you in action (like the one to the left) and then troll you with them!

It was also really nice being asked to MC the first two tests of the All Blacks/France test series. It was a bit of an unexpected surprise but i never say no to rugby!

I got to talk to some pretty cool people during the pre-match entertainment as well, Kieran Read was one of them, but my highlight was interviewing Sir Michael Jones. He was, and probably still is, my favourite rugby player of all time and I actually got a bit starstruck when I met him. To the point where I admitted it on camera! He was a thoroughly lovely man and although they say you should never meet your heroes this may have been an exception.

i also took a bit of a chance, which I think ended up OK. I've been learning a bit of Te Reo recently and thought it might be nice to use a bit at the top of my opening welcome. I am by no means fluent but I used what I could authentically use and welcomed people to the match in both Māori and English. There was even a smattering of applause so I'm glad I did. I think that it is important, in these sort of situations to try and use Māori where I can, as long as I do it in a way that is respectful and genuine to me. The more we can normalise its use the better.

The rugby itself was a bit weird, I have to admit, but being part of all the energy around an All Black's test is always something pretty cool. I think that's it for me and rugby for this year - looking forward to the Sevens in 2019.

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