• Greg Ellis

Duking it out

Here we go folks - my 2018 look for the Wellington Gold Awards Quiz! It's the Duke of Wellington (although in historically inaccurate blue uniform).

Sometimes just the sheer ridiculousness of the costume is enough to provide inspiration. Certainly, for the Duke, that bicorn was a masterpiece. I don't believe the angle of this photo does true justice to the magnificent stupidity of the hat. The Costume Cave have a treasure right there.

When you've been doing characters and entertainment for as long as I have getting inspiration for a character can come from the strangest places. I'm not talking about the choice of the character so much but how I play them.

Sometimes it comes from a fact about them (if they are/were a real character), sometimes the client's brief has some guidelines and sometimes the location for the event gives a strong suggestion. But more often than not it comes down to being in the costume and seeing how it makes me feel. In this case it was trying for a dignity that was at complete odds with the silliness of the hat. It worked a treat.

Another Wellington Gold Awards Quiz down - certainly this one featured the best hat yet!

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