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Help! I'm being stalked by a costume!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

That's me fulfilling a dream right there!

For the first time in an almost 30 year corporate entertainment career I got to do a big Oscar's style opening musical number for a conference gala dinner. And better than that - I had a choir as back-up! Thanks to Mike at Con-sol and the folks at Insurance AdviserNet I got to Hugh Jackman-lite for a night. And right there with me was what seems to be a constant companion in 2018 - the blue military tail-coat.

Behold below a selection of images from the last couple of months where the same coat has been an intrinsic feature.

It all started with the Wellington Gold Awards and the Z Gathering of Heroes in July and continued through jobs for Area Events in October, the Insurance AdviserNet conference in November and the recent Wellington Maker Faire. I've never had the same costume item appear so many times.

I've talked in the past about how a costume can give you so much character (in fact it was talking about part of my costume for the Wellington golds) and sometimes its just so right. This coat was so right for lots of things in a row this year - partly because of the fact circus themes are so hot again, partly because sometimes a costume just gets into your head and suggests itself over and over and also because the coat is so versatile. I did a town crier, a general and a ringmaster 3 times with the same piece!

At times in the last few months I've wondered if I was just being boring, or not original. But it fits well, and worked perfectly for every event.

It's a weird part of my life that costumes often take up more of my thought process than regular people but this jacket has consumed it. It's like the costume is stalking me.

Or maybe its a lucky charm? Every one of these gigs has been great fun and super successful.

Maybe there's room for one more wear?

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