• Greg Ellis

Hello old friends!

I've done a bit of work with Ford Australia in the past but things got a bit tough for them in the last few years and incentives in New Zealand weren't really on the cards. So it was nice to get the call up only a month ago and get asked to create a series of characters to accompany a group of Ford sales folk on a safari in the central North Island.

Two complications:

  1. I've done a few jobs with the same people so the characters all needed to be fresh and new

  2. I was doing things by myself this time

No problem on either account. There were just enough "old hands" there to help warm everyone else up for me. If you have a bit of a history with a client then when you show up the audience does a lot of your work for you and stories about what you've done together in the past help warm newbies up and bring them along for the ride (in this case literally).

That's why its always so nice to work with "old friends" - often companies want new, new, new but sometimes the bonds and shared experiences formed over time have a great life and energy that brand new can't compete with.

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