• Greg Ellis

Putting on a new face to meet some old faces

This fun little job came as a surprise out of the blue. The Grand Mercure were looking for a comedian to help out with a relaunch/famil for their hotel. It originally found its way to me through the Humorous Arts Trust which do awesome things for stand-up comedy in Wellington.

I'm an occasional stand-up because I really don't have the discipline to write material (ironic since I copy-write by day) but I think I was able to offer the team at the Grand Mercure a little bit more value than dropping 15 minutes of funnies. I was able to help them shape their event and add value as a character and an MC to try and make the night memorable. One of the key messages they wanted to make was that, although it sits up above the city, the hotel is really accessible. So we took our famil guests on a "walking safari" from a downtown bar to remind them how close the hotel is.

It was a nice point of difference for the evening and it gave me a chance to help out in the event design as well. I've been doing entertainment and events for 30 years now and have worked in sales and marketing for the last 4. So you bring all that together and I'm able to really add value to an event. Like this one.

Plus I also got a chance to re-connect with some people who have been doing events in Wellington for almost as long as (if not longer) than me. It's always good to remind people that even though I'm not out there performing 24/7 any more i'm still very much in the game! Looks like it has led to some more gigs - so watch this blog!

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