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Same place, different year but cricket!

You might notice a similar view to last year's post on the T20 cricket. That's because I was back in the box and ready to Ground Announce some cricket this year. This time, cricket actually got played, and lots of it and great cricket at that!

Same as in 2018 I was the GA for the domestic T20 matches at the Basin Reserve. Another big difference to last year was that there were double-headers being played. That meant I got to watch some women's cricket as well. I was in cricket heaven! The matches were often very close and came down to the last over, there were good crowds in (we had the best turnout in the country, I believe) and I got to work with a couple of different on-field MCs.

That was a slightly weird position to be in. Usually it's me in the crowd talking through the big screen but not this time. It was cool watching other people work. And watching the cricket. Because you really are watching it (I think I mentioned it last time). I've also got lots of different bits of info coming in all the time - there's the research I've done before, live stats coming in through my phone plus I'm getting fed bits and pieces of information all the time.

There's also a really hard blanche finding the right music. Everyone has opinions about the music that gets played in stadiums but its not until you actually have to play it yourself that you realise how good the good GAs are. Because its not just about putting any old thing on. You need to think about a balance between old and new music, about making sure the music matches the mood and also take into account the players, because they hear it too. I think I'm really starting to get a feel for that but there's some way to go before I can get close to the way pros like Mark McLeod or Dom Gibbs just seamlessly move to the next track.

Hope I get the chance again next season!

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