At Greg Ellis Creative we are passionate about training. Especially corporate customer service training. Before setting up the company Allie and Greg worked on 2 of the largest ever customer service training programmes in New Zealand. Greg helped create and deliver the programmes and Allie made sure the logistics were rock solid, getting performers to wherever they needed on time every time, nationwide.


Both Greg and Allie have a background in education and the Greg Ellis Creative team want to create customised training programmes for your business. We like to really work out how your business ticks, where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. 


Then we take our flair for interactivity, a good dose of comedy and create a training programme that really cuts through. We use a variety of different training delivery methods to keep things fresh and cater for different types of learners. Training with videos and manuals is one thing but Greg Ellis Creative training programmes bring the practical and the theatrical together in a training solution especially for your business. One that inspires your team because its all about them and especially for them.


There are still places in New Zealand that Greg visits where the staff remembers him. Which means they remember the training. We can make that happen for your business. 

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