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I've been a creative for most of my life. I began in improv comedy and eventually moved into things adjacent to improv - like MCing or sports presentations. Over time, the things I did became less and less adjacent, but I was always creative. 

Corporate training and facilitation followed with customer service training, and before long, I was lured into agency land, where it all came together. A career of creating my own promotional material, publicising shows and learning how businesses worked made me a pretty good Creative Director and Copywriter. 

The more my creative career continued, the more I realised that creativity and strategy go hand-in-hand. This is my sweet spot. Curiosity drives me to discover how businesses work, and creativity allows me to develop ways to help those businesses look awesome, tell amazing stories and connect with new audiences. 

Doesn't matter whether you're using me to creatively direct your next campaign, write some great copy, run your conference or deliver half an hour's worth of comedy; it's all the same skills. I'll find out about your business, who you want to reach, what your desired outcome is and then help create something that hits exactly the right spot. It might not be the spot you expected, but it will be what you and your audience need.

You'll find me hanging out in my turangawaewae, beautiful Titahi Bay, where I scrambled amongst rockpools as a little boy. That's also where you'll find my wife, two teenage kids, two dogs, a cat, chickens and whatever else we've adopted for now.


I often forget to go to the beach because "it will be there tomorrow".


And it always is. 

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