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Destination Wairarapa Visiting Pattern v2.jpg


Wairarapa needed a campaign across print and social media to help reignite the local economy after the COVID lockdowns of 2020. I helped them create a creative strategy and execute it in print and digital media.

Client: Destination Wairarapa

Roles: Creative Direction, Copywriting, Art Direction, Video Production and Direction

In 2020/21, Destination Wairarapa needed a way to rebuild domestic tourism after pandemic lockdowns. I helped them devise a strategy of appealing to the sense of neighbourliness that grew in Aotearoa over lockdown. By positioning Wairarapa as "just next door", we helped Wellingtonians feel like they were popping over to help out the neighbours.

The art style for all the static material also harkened back to elements of nostalgia (given that the tourist demographic in the Wairarapa skews slightly older). So, we included elements of Kiwiana nostalgia, such as tourist pennants. 


We delivered this story through a print and digital media campaign. I am still incredibly proud that a team of people, all worried about their jobs, could create great work and support Wairarapa to become one of the only regions in the motu to experience significant tourism growth during that time.

Who better to talk about a company's vision and values than their CEO! We got Mark Troughear from Freightways in the sound booth and recorded him talking about what makes his company special.

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