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I've been making things for Freightways for a while now. They've got a complicated set of offerings across many different brands and businesses. I help the sales staff and customers understand how it all goes together.

Client: Freightways

Roles: Creative Director, Producer, Account Director, Copywriter, Voiceover

Freightways is a big company comprising many different brands with a wide range of offers, including couriers, chilled transport, warehousing, direct mail, and even medical disposal. These folks even operate their own planes.


To talk about all those different services, there is a big sales force spread across New Zealand and Australia. When Freightways first wanted sales material, they needed presentations that could be shared digitally across the teams, allowing cross-selling. 

I worked to help them create a digital sales tool for their whole team and then populate it with slides, videos, and collateral that tell the story of the strength of Freightways. 

Over the years, the relationship has grown and has led me to create material for staff inductions, corporate values and even communications relating to pandemics and weather disruptions.

One of Freightways' favourite videos! This shows how all the different Freightways brands in NZ and across the Tasman work together for their clients.

New Zealand Couriers wanted a series of short firendly videos to let customers know about their eCommerce services. I even provided the voices for these videos! 

Who better to talk about a company's vision and values than their CEO! We got Mark Troughear from Freightways in the sound booth and recorded him talking about what makes his company special.

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