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Stun Ad_Kia Ora_August 2023 FINAL.png

STUN 2023

Nothing says loyalty to your company brand more than sacrificing your personal brand. I did that in 2023 with a series of ads for Stun in Kia Ora, Air New Zealand's in-flight magazine.

Client: Stun

Roles: Creative Director, Copywriter, Model!

Stun has a bit of a reputation for our ads in Kia Ora magazine. "You're the company with the red ads!" was something I heard often during my time at Stun - usually from new clients. They really liked the irreverent tone and the stand-out visuals. 

So, in 2023, I decided we'd make those visuals stand out more and add me! The idea was to speak the truth - I'm lousy at sales but great at marketing strategy and creativity. These ads spoke directly to sales managers - DIYing your material isn't working, so get yourself someone who specialises 100% in creating great material to work with. 

The original copy was always a little too spicy for Kia Ora. The publishers pushed back every time - sometimes we were being too harsh on Star Wars fans, sometimes on people who are "thought leaders", but mostly we were being too hard on me. We still got something past the censors that was playful, direct and built on the Stun brand.

Just not my own brand...

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