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The Ministry for the Environment was a little concerned that, in these times, there could be a backlash to its Plastics Phase Out. We created a campaign that focussed on simple, human messages, and it got results.

Client: Ministry for The Enivronment

Roles: Creative Director, Producer, Video Director, Account Director, Copywriter, Voiceover

When the Ministry for the Environment phased out single-use plastic shopping bags, there was minimal outcry. But, by 2023, when their next phase of plastics removal was planned, the climate had changed significantly. They were concerned that there would be pushback and accusations of "woke-ism" unless the reasons behind the next phase were explained.  

So, I suggested we use a two-fold strategy for their social media assets—a series of social tiles that linked visually with their in-store collateral. The tiles needed simple, evidence-based messages and images that evoked the clean Kiwi environment the ban is about saving. 

We also created videos where we got passionate advocates for sustainability within some of the sectors set to be affected by the new plastic bans (including hospitality and the disabled community) to explain why it was essential to remove plastics from the environment. 

The campaign was a success - especially the videos, which gained 500,000 more views than expected for less money than budgeted. 

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