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The Warehouse was looking to follow on from a very successful piece of staff training, "Love Your Customer", undertaken across the whole country. I was asked to help create a mystery shopper with a difference - there was absolutely no mystery!

Client: The Warehouse

Roles: Creative Director, Producer, Account Director, Performer

Retail staff hate mystery shoppers. They hate not knowing if one tiny slip-up will reflect badly on an otherwise great day's work. So when The Warehouse wanted to follow up on "Love Your Customer", a nationwide piece of customer service training, we gave them the world's least subtle mystery shoppers. The Love Doctors were a team of red-coated customer services trainers who visited every one of The Warehouse's 90+ stores, talked to customers, observed staff in action, and provided instant feedback (usually positive) in store.


The Love Doctors shared a laugh, some tips and tricks and a few tasty treats with Warehouse staff up and down the country.  

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