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Destination Coromandel needed some social media videos for a post-COVID campaign. So I did something the cliches warn against - and worked with children.

Client: Destination Coromandel

Roles: Creative Director, Producer, Video Director, Copywriter

Tourism campaigns usually do the same thing - they show lots of scenery shots (usually drone footage) and back them up with epic music and poetic voiceovers. Doing the same thing, especially for a domestic audience who gets to see beautiful New Zealand scenery all the time, risks getting scrolled past. 

So, when Destination Coromandel wanted something different to reignite their post-COVID domestic tourism, we suggested something different. No landscapes, no epic music - just cute kids. Much like the work I did for Destination Wairarapa, Coromandel wanted to emphasise how easy it is for their near neighbours in Auckland to have a great time with them. In fact, it's child's play. 


I wrote, cast and directed some adorable kids for a series of short social clips. In each, the kids said things that adults might say to kids before setting off on holiday. Each of these things emphasised the benefits of an easy holiday in the Coromandel - a way to disconnect and have fun in the sun. 

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